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Zhongli High-tech Group Listed as Key High-tech Enterprises for National Torch Plan

Author: Time:2011-02-28 Hit:907

  Zhongli High-tech Group Co., Ltd., listed as the key high-tech enterprise for National Torch Plan in 2010 the Department of Technology released, one of the key high-tech companies the first-batch recognized in Suzhou City following the new Measurements on the Administration of Key High-tech Enterprises in National Torch Plan promulgated in July 2010.
  Recognitions on key high-tech enterprises for National Torch Plan, upon organization its implementations by the Department of Technology, a guidance plan to progress high-tech industries in China, emphasize on promoting speeds of commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of high-tech achievements with awards every three years as requested while not only the recognizes full of powerful R & D abilities, technological innovation, but technical skills of leading products move ahead domestically as well. Incomes from selling high-tech products at least take up 60% in annual ones.
  It is demanded that not only satisfy high-tech enterprises with recognition needs, but specializes with respect to standard formulation, national projects, awards & professions undertaken pursuant to Measurements on the Administration of Key High-tech Enterprises in National Torch Plan new promulgated. Overall evaluation are taken as assessment indictors from four aspects, including innovative ability (extremely important), industrial promotion, profitability and social contributions.
  In spited of 3027 enterprises altogether declared in the awards of this year as reported, only 772 were out of which passed less than 30% finally through professional assessment.