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ZHANG WEI GUO, Vice Governor, Investigated in Zhongli Tenghui

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    On February 16, ZHANG WEI GUO, the Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, investigated the opening economic construction to Zhongli Tenghui Photovolatic Technology Co., Ltd., QIN WEI XING, SHEN XIAO DONG, Governmental Officers in Changshu City, and WANG BO XING, the President of Zhongli Tenghui Photovolatic Technology Co., Ltd., accompanied by.
    ZHANG WEI GUO made thorough investigation in depth into workshops personally while exchanging experience with WANG BO XING, who introduced production operation, foreign trade orders, full-autonomous production line and marketing prosperity of Zhongli Tenghui Photovolatic Technology Co., Ltd., which should be endowed with faiths in further development, focused on research and development to progress competitive force, and then steadily sought for opportunities in overseas markets ZHANG WEI GUO encouraged.
    In the conference on opening economy convened in the afternoon on that day, WANG YANG, Vice-Secretary of Changshu City, acting mayor concurrently, pointed out that further intensifying investment attractions pertaining to auto parts and components, equipment manufacturing, new energy, other new emerging industries in the future, to Japan, Europe and USA in particular to enhance resource utilization & concentration effects are in urgent needs.