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Zhongli Talesun debut in the 2013PV Expo

Author: Time:2013-04-25 Hit:911

    February 27-March 1, Zhongli Talesun Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., the manufacturer committed to the photovoltaic module, participated 6th Japan International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2013 (PV Expo) hold in Tokyo, Japan

    Japan International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition, since starting in 2005, has expanded its display size gradually, now has become the best platform to explore the Japan huge solar market as well as the growing Asian solar market. During the exhibition various professional forums, seminars and special lectures will be held to show the latest solar technology. In March 2011, more than 90,000 delegates from 57 countries participated in the event, reflecting the vigorous development of this industry in the world.

    Though the first time to participate in the PV EXPO JAPAN, Zhongli Talesun has attracted the attention of many customers with innovative products and unique booth design, and successfully established good communication relationship with local project developers, installers and EPC companies.

    Zhongli Talesun always paid great attention to the R&D of emerging markets, and successfully expanded the Japanese market in last year. Zhongli Talesun has built a long- term relationship with Nice Corporation which is the last building material and estate developer in Japan. We have gotten their order of PV module more than Megawatt Level. Zhongli Talesun believes the Japanese PV market will flourish in the near future, and the market space is very huge. To actively expand the Japanese market, Zhongli Talesun launched many latest products in the exhibition. ZHONGLI TALESUN launched the second generation model TP660M Gen2 AC module specially, which is equipped with micro-inverter which is much smaller, lighter , more stable, more efficient performance than the first generation, and it will be used widely in the roof PV module market in Japan. ZHONGLI TALESUN also launched another new anti-glare Module. The product applies a novel high permeability candle carved tempered glass panel. This glass panel reduced reflectivity substantially when maintaining a high transmittance. So this type of module can be widely applied to the strict requirements of the glare venues such as airports, highways, shipping and river surrounding. These new-type modules attracted many customers' attention in the exhibition and have also been highly praised by customers.

    With the ongoing outbreak of the Japanese market, Zhongli Talesun will keep exploring and expanding the market share, also will continue to open up new markets, increase R & D efforts to develop more suitable products for the climate and local cultural environment. We will keep moving toward the direction to make the world a better environment.