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The chairman of Zhongli Sci-Tech Group Co.,tld attend the China-Russia and the China-kazakhstan enterprise trade fair

Author: Time:2013-09-30 Hit:870

    September 3-12, Chairman Wang Boxing behalf of Chinese private entrepreneurs with national leaders visit to Russia and Kazakhstan trade negotiation activities, during follow-up committee, attended the inaugural meeting of Kazakhstan Entrepreneurs. Wang Boxing Chairman also represents Chinese private entrepreneurs in Russia and Kazakhstan entrepreneurs trade negotiations, exchange of speeches were made, Lee introduced the continuous investment in the development of Science and Technology Group and related products, which also highlights the Talesun PV business in the global industry, differentiated business model, expressed sincere interest in the CIS countries and Russia-based photovoltaic business cooperation to carry out the wishes. In this regard, has been Russia and Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, entrepreneurs certainly, for the benefit Technology Group’s overall strength, especially investment in photovoltaic power plants operational capabilities represent highly recognized, Russia and Kazakhstan have welcomed Libya Technology Group is a representative of the Chinese private enterprises to further develop multilateral cooperation.

    Chairman Wang Boxing heard during follow-up Russian Kazakh leader’s important speech, in areas such as long-term strategic bilateral cooperation, especially in the important speech have raised the importance of new energy development, Kazakhstan represents a new 2020 target of the country’s energy generation to 50% of the energy market and is the introduction of relevant policies. Central Asia for the Lee Technology Group, is a new market, in Wang Boxing chairman hands down, in the photovoltaic business has achieved good results. Currently, ZHONLI Technology Group subsidiary Talesun total development of photovoltaic power plants at home and abroad has reached 1 GW, and development at home and abroad this year nearly 700MW PV power plant, the target grid and sale of 500MW, has become the domestic industry one of the largest photovoltaic power plant development. Chairman Wang Boxing representation in next year’s goals, will officially enter Kazakhstan and other Central Asian markets, the development of a substantive investment.