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Testing Center in Lee Group CNAS National Laboratory Accreditation

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    In mid-April this year, China National Accreditation Committee sent a group of experts, on-site assessment of the Carrier testing center management system and detection capabilities. CNAS review group in accordance with the relevant requirements, from management, technical, personnel, equipment, and environmental factors such as start, through on-site visits, data verification, field trials, seminars and other communication methods, and Libya testing center management system, detection capabilities were fully orientation, rigorous, professional review and assessment, consider that the Carrier testing centers comply with ISO/IEC17025: 2005 "testing and Calibration Laboratories General requirements" (CNAS-CL01 "testing and Calibration laboratory Accreditation Standards") requirements, are initially recognized.

    Testing center in the group vice president Yuwei Chang and director of the Center XiehongGuo  led, not only attach importance to the establishment of the laboratory system, pay more attention to the technical capacity of the laboratory, the company leadership has the technical capability to enhance the laboratory as the first element, thus improving and optimize the internal management of the laboratory and testing technology capabilities. Recently, Lee Technology Group R & D and testing center passed the Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation Committee (CNAS) official certification.

   It is understood that China National Accreditation system has been integrated into the international mutual recognition system, in this system plays an important role, playing an important role, and maintained in the IAF, ILAC, APLAC and PAC members and formal mutual recognition agreement signatory status. Accredited laboratory will have international recognition qualification, equivalent to the results of product testing companies to get access more than 60 countries and regions of the "international passport." Currently, access to CNAS accredited enterprises in all sectors of the industry benchmark. 

    Zhongli Science and Technology Group R & D and testing center, by the national authority on the laboratory management system and technical capabilities recognized, reflecting the company attaches great importance to product quality management and laboratory technical capabilities detection capabilities of its products to the domestic advanced level in the same industry, in enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises to a new level.