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Southern China base successfully went into the Indonesian market

Author: Time:2016-07-31 Hit:6454
 In recent years, in order to expand the overseas market, enrich the market structure and expand the volume of business, the Southern China base actively promoted the relevant parties to promote communication and negotiation. In March 2016 the local Indonesian’s biggest cable maker SUCACO signed an agreement and established a formal partnership; and also established the representative office in Indonesia, for the fulfillment of the Indonesian customer a braided line share basis, gross annual demand of about 50 million yuan (RMB).

Recently, the Southern China base sent employees outside to the Embassy in Indonesia on the tender to do business counseling, and the completion of a joint bid with SUCACO woven line. July 10, a customer in Indonesia announced tender results: SUCACO won the second large share, but because the bidder who won the largest hare didn’t obtain the supplier qualification yet, so in fact, this project will be supplied by SUCACO exclusive ,and wire will be exclusively produced by ZhongLi base in South China. Recently, the Southern China base has received the first batch of SUCACO orders, the upcoming delivery, the Indonesian market supply has been ordered to expand the work. Southern China base will take this as an opportunity to accumulate overseas market development and maintenance experience, enhance business capabilities, and more efficient to promote and implement the long-term strategic presence in overseas markets.