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Ningxia, ZhongLi successfully got the 3C factory certification

Author: Time:2016-07-31 Hit:7232
 June 18th, China Quality Certification Center, Xi'an branch, experts in Ningxia conducted an inspection to the factory.

This inspection has been highly valued by the company’s leadership. department of technology established the working group, all the departments worked together, actively cooperate, work overtime to collate the relevant documents, records, information, etc., fully adequate preparation.

In the inspection process, the inspection group all experts conducted a comprehensive and detailed inspection, focused on whether the company has the ability to ensure the quality of the product and the type of test samples of the consistency of a careful audit. At the end of the meeting, the experts of inspection group gave praise on the company's wire and cable products to, but also gave concern to the existence of the problem, there were 4 general that didn’t meet the rectification notice.

Now, the company has set up a special rectification team in accordance with the relevant rectification work, the work to solve the problem that does not meet, is expected to end in July to obtain 3C certification.

Successfully Getting the 3C certification marks the Ningxia Li wire and cable products’ standardization and security has been fully affirmed. The company will take this as an opportunity to further strengthen the standardized management, improve product quality, and ensure quality assurance ability to continue to meet the production needs.