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ZhongLi doing job to improve the operator team leaders’ integrated skills

Author: Time:2016-07-31 Hit:2425
 In order to further enhance the managers’ personal qualities and management skills, ZhongLi Science and technology carried out the " operator team leaders’ integrated skills " training activity, power cable product line, data and signal cable product line, plan and material control department, quality assurance department sent 35 leaders to participate in the training.

This course, fully based on the training needs, combined with the actual situation of the company, the training content was tailored to meet the requirement. In the curriculum, the training teacher has carried on the Omni-directional teaching in the seven aspects of the mentality transformation, the role localization, the efficient communication, the security consciousness, the quality consciousness, the cost consciousness as well as the judgment analysis and the solution ability.

Class leader is head of the production line, the director and the supervisor, plays a vital role in the improvement of production efficiency and production quality assurance. Through the class leader's personal accomplishment and management skill training, it is advantageous to the student to clear their role localization,  promotion to the daily work management plan and the execution.