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Zhongli Talesun R&D Department Project Team Ranks as Top Ten of Changshu Sci-tech Personnel Innovation Action

Author: Time:2016-08-31 Hit:2643

 Recently, Checked by Town (district) plate Sci-tech association, city Sci-tech association and reviewed by experts and coordination group of innovation action, Zhongli Talesun “The R&D and industrialization of N-Type double battery and double glass module” ranks as Top Ten of Changshu Sci-tech personnel innovation action. Changshu Sci-tech personnel innovation action is jointly carried out by four departments, which are Changshu Sci-tech association, High-level talents office, economy and information committee and association of industry and commerce. The purpose is to deepen Sci-tech Association of enterprises as the main line, to promote transformation and upgrading of the enterprises, to construct homes for Sci-tech personnel, to carry out the activity of “based group of gen”, to cultivate the Sci-tech personnel who has the strong ability to develop technology, to improve the scientific literacy of the broad employees in the enterprises, to push forward the enterprises Sci-tech progress and self-dependent innovation.   

In recent years, Zhongli Talesun set up the Sci-Tech Association in 2014 and established the Sci-tech personnel home in 2015. On this basis, the Sci-Tech Association of Zhongli Talesun Solar invested more than 600 million yuan for scientific and technological project development and made rich achievements. At present, the Sci-Tech Association has applied for a total of 230 patents. Meanwhile, a total of 24 invention patents and more than 70 utility model patents as well as one Japanese patent have been authorized. Moreover, Zhongli Talesun also has introduced 5 external invention patent and 13 new products have been recognized as “high-tech products” by Jiangsu Province Technology Hall. In terms of talent introduction, Zhongli Talesun has introduced several technology innovation talents in solar industry at home and abroad and also built a powerful scientific research and development management team which is represented by double-headed talent Dr. Ni Zhichun. At present, Zhongli Talesun has 198 research staffs including 4 doctors, which is divided into 3 teams according to solar battery, modules and systems.

Zhongli Talesun technology vice president and Sci-tech enterprise association vice president Professor Ni Zhichun says, Zhongli Talesun Sci-tech enterprise association has already highly realized the importance of “based group of gen” action and practically and effectively carry out work. The Sci-tech enterprise association will focus on “high cost-effective battery material, efficient battery, efficient and high reliability module, solar power generation and system assembly and new concept product”, in order to mobilize the member of Sci-tech association to solve the key and common basic technology problems in solar industry as well as the research of new structure and new concept product and the seizing of technology commanding height. At the same time, the establishment of solar technology and innovation platform (including big data intelligence operation platform and diversified eco-agricultural PV project), the gathering and cultivating of innovation talents in solar industry, the breeding of independent intelligent property right, which not only makes the manufacturing of battery and module attain domestic leading level, but also brings original technology into full play.