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Zhongli Sci-Tech Group——Winning “Provincial Key Projects of Enterprise Intellectual Property Strategy Propulsion Plan”

Author: Time:2016-08-31 Hit:2646

Recently, Intellectual Property Office of Jiangsu province published the list of provincial key projects of enterprise intellectual property strategy propulsion plan, and Zhongli Sci-Tech Group made a place on the list. Under the cooperation with Jiangsu Shengdian Mallesons, Zhongli Sci-Tech Group struggled a lot to make the list finally and was rewarded with 1 million yuan financial support from provincial IPO. During the 13th Five-Year Plan, Zhongli Sci-Tech Group firmly establishes new concept of development, focuses on deepening reform in key points and improving the protection of intellectual property, vigorously promotes creative use of intellectual property, speeds up the development of enterprise and accelerates upgrading of economic transmission. This honored project is set up for constructing strong intellectual property province and fostering some enterprise with advantage in intellectual property.

Mr. Chen Xinxiang, the vice-president of Zhongli Sci-Tech Group, paid much attention to the provincial key projects of enterprise intellectual property strategy propulsion plan. Mr. Chen offered three proposals. The first one was establishing the system in reality, making intellectual property through research and development, production, sale and various parts, and setting up research and development innovation system. The second one was using information effectively, attaching importance to digging for patent information, and establishing patent data base which corresponded to the group’s needs. The third one was docking service, taking full advantage in patent layout, information retrieval, agency application and so on.

Jiangsu provincial key projects of enterprise intellectual property strategy propulsion plan can lead and promote the group to construct the standardized management and strategic concept of intellectual property. Enterprise should integrate intellectual property strategy into its management and development strategy and taking part into international competition.

With the implementation of this plan, Zhongli Sci-Tech Group will contribute to perfect management system of intellectual property, promoting technological innovation, enhancing market competitiveness, accelerating the construction of strong province in intellectual property, supporting economic judgement and economic regulation.

Enterprise also needs to do due diligence about intellectual property strategy, make strategic plan, construct information management platform, guiding patent, intellectual property-rights assets management and capital management, actively carrying out patent portfolio and precaution and protection.