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Tieling Municipal Party Committee Secretary He Huanqiu Visited Zhongli Liaoning Photoelectric Company

Author: Time:2016-09-30 Hit:3389

In the morning of September 13th, Tieling municipal party committee secretary,   He Huanqiu visited Zhongli Liaoning photoelectric new material company and learned the goal of development and the situation of production, the general manager of Zhongli Liaoning,   Sha Zhiwei, the vice general manager,   Wang Xiange, and related staffs accompanied all the way.

He Huanqiu listened to the introduction of the technology research and development, production and sales, the support policy and some relevant circumstances. In the workshop, staff members emphatically introduced the production equipment and operations of crosslinking workshop and low pressure workshop, and He Qiuhua talked with the relevant staff members with great interest in technology and gave a high evaluation to the company.

Through on-site visits and introduction, He Huanqiu said that Zhongli Liaoning Company should be proud of making such achievements in such a short time, and he hoped all the staff members in the company can make persistent effort to mass- production to make more contribution to the industry of Tieling. 

 He Huanqiu’ guidance of Zhongli Liaoning greatly encouraged all the staff members, and staff members all said that they would live up to expectation of the government and fought for the better future for Zhongli Liaoning confidently.