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Zhongli Sci-Tech Group Energy Seminar successfully Held

Author: Time:2016-09-30 Hit:4297

   On the morning of September 9th, Zhongli Sci-tech Group investment management center and engineering technology R & D center jointly organized the energy management seminar—“cost declining and emission reduction” under the strong support of Vice President Zhan Zugen. The seminar was presided by Gao Jun, the general manager of Shanghai Net Energy Development Co., Ltd., which is the subsidiary company of Zhongli Sci-tech Group, and one of the company engineer. Engineering center vice president, Lei Jianshe and the relevant officials from subsidiary company energy management in Jiangsu were invited to attend.

   During the seminar, Shanghai Net Energy engineers focused on the topic of "Energy Management and Energy System Optimization" and discussed the problems in the energy management of Zhongli Technology Group, which were based on the present situation of energy utilization. Firstly, should accurate grasp of the company's energy consumption; secondly, should rationally control energy consumption costs; thirdly, should take advantage of opening electricity market, especially the electricity incentive system. During the seminar, the engineers also introduced to us the specific pricing method of industrial enterprises ---- two-part tariff: demand billing and capacity billing. Enterprises should choose what billing method should be based on the previous statistics of the monthly electricity consumption combined with the local price policy to weigh the judge.

  At the end of Seminar, the engineers made the Q&A on the various subsidiaries of the relevant effective use of energy issues, Wang Jun, director of plant management of Zhongli Talesun, "Which billing method can reduce the cost of electricity," engineers use the above mentioned two-part system The difference between the calculation method of electricity price, the use of existing companies to provide electricity bills, select a data of the largest electricity consumption month. According to the demand and capacity billing two ways to calculate the corresponding results were compared, the method is more economical. So that we deeply understand the electricity tariff system exists in the deep knowledge and it truly reflects the "theory with the actual" this purpose.

      Through this seminar, we strengthened the energy management and energy optimization management consciousness of each subsidiary company and laid a good foundation for reducing energy consumption, improving energy supply quality, reducing enterprise cost, improving ecological environment and improving market competitiveness foundation.