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Warmly Congratulate Zhongli Production Base in South China Identified as A large-scale Backbone Enterprises in Dongguan

Author: Time:2016-09-30 Hit:5817

Recently, Dongguan Bureau of Economic and Information official website publicity, Zhongli production base in South China was identified by the comprehensive assessment of large-scale backbone enterprises in Dongguan!

Dongguan large-scale backbone enterprises was identified mainly from the enterprise economic development scale, the main business growth ability, the annual operating efficiency tax accounting, scientific research investment accounted for several aspects such as comprehensive assessment .

Since its establishment in March 2009, especially in the past three years, its production capacity and operating efficiency, as well as its high annual investment in scientific research, Zhongli South China's production base has come to the fore in the comprehensive evaluation of large-scale manufacturing enterprises in Dongguan and ranked No. 6 with the Huawei terminal, backgammon and other 32 companies as backbone enterprises of Dongguan in 2016.

It is reported that from 2016, Dongguan city government will give a one-time award (100 million reward mainly focus on the enterprises which business income is from 1 to 5 billion yuan) , the growth of enterprises and special funds identified by the large-scale backbone enterprises and assume Information and other special city by the implementation of the municipal financial special projects. The proportion of funding and limits can be in accordance with the original funding benchmarks up 30%. At the same time, the identified large-scale backbone enterprises enjoy the "Dongguan City, the backbone of large enterprises to identify and support Interim Measures" on the indicators of enrollment, to protect electricity, construction land and training and development of large-scale backbone enterprises to coordinate the working group member units of the support policies.

In addition, in the near future Zhongli Sci-tech group production base in South China by the Dongguan Municipal Intellectual Property Office audit identified as the focus of intellectual property protection enterprises in Dongguan. Dongguan city government will provide the IPR protection through train policy for the 50 key intellectual property protection enterprises, and provide convenient response channel service for intellectual property rights protection and rights protection assistance of key enterprises and properly solve the relevant problems in the process of intellectual property protection.

     Zhongli South China production base was honored as “a large-scale backbone enterprise in Dongguan” and “key protection enterprise of intellectual property rights” which plays a positive role in promoting brand building, goodwill, market impact and other aspects in South China base.