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Love the culture and people’s livelihood, benefit urban and rural residents ——“ Benefit. Village affection” 2016 university students employment and entrepreneurship forum

Author: Time:2016-09-30 Hit:5989

In recent days, “Benefit. Village affection”2016 university students’ employment and entrepreneurship forum is held in Huinong district. It is held by CPC Huinong district committee and Huinong district people’s government, and its title is “happy employment, wisdom entrepreneurship”. Ningxia Zhongli participated in this activity. This activity includes visiting and forum.

In the morning, Huinong district organized university students to visit Ningxia Zhongli. Students visited production plant under manage Wang Xiali’s guide. Manager Wang introduced company information and plant layout in detail. During visiting, manage Wang introduced “7S” management mode to students. Students highly agreed with this concept, and praised company’s environment. Also, they visited sample exhibition room.

In the afternoon, deputy general manager of Ningxia Zhongli, Lin Hanwei and other people went to culture and sports center to participate “Benefit, Village affection”2016 university students’ employment and entrepreneurship forum. Relevant leaders of Shizui city, 200 famous universities’ graduates, and entrepreneurs joined this activity. As one of enterprises’ representatives, Lin hanwei shared his experience to graduating students, and gave advice of employment to students from the perspective of enterprises and individual. He said: Ningxia Zhongli will provide unlimited platform, so long as you are competent. At last, Wang Xiali, as enterprise’s representative, signed employment agreement with students, and took photo for souvenir.

Aiming at the phenomenon of college graduates employment difficulty and enterprise employment difficulty. This activity bridged the gap between enterprises and graduates. Meanwhile, it is helpful to construct hometown by attract graduates work in their hometown, and helpful to economic development of Huinong district. It is sure that Huinong district will be better and better.