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Base on New Era and Establish New Advantages to Realize New Prosperity of Zhongli

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    Zhongli Group's Economic Working Conference for 2018 was grandly held on January 25, Zhongli Group held its 2018 annual economic work conference in Changshu headquarters. Wang Baixing, Chairman of the Board of Zhongli Group, made a working report summarizing the performance and shortcomings of the Group in 2017 and put forward the main objectives and measures for 2018. At the meeting, Xu Feng, the mayor of Shajiabang Town, was invited to attend and make a speech. All the leading groups of Zhongli Group and the president and vice presidents of the subsidiaries attended the meeting.

    Chairman Wang Baixing made a brief review of 2017 work in the working report. First, it affirmed the operating results achieved in 2017 with an annual sales increase 14.2% over the beginning of the year. After-tax profits increased 25% from the beginning of the year ; secondly, it analyzed the investment in technological transformation in 2017; third, summarized the Group's achievements in innovation and development in 2017 and obtained 105 patents, of which 42 were invention patents; Photovoltaic project. Appreciation and recognition were given to companies that exceeded their annual targets in 2017 by the cable, optical fiber, and high-end manufacturing segments, as well as the photovoltaic segment and the real estate segment. They also provided a rational analysis of the severe challenges brought by the industry's disorderly change, On the existing problems, put forward new requirements.

    Wang Baixing concluded that in 2017, facing the fierce competition in various industries both at home and abroad, as well as many unforeseen challenges. Zhongli Group has achieved good results. This is the result of the solidarity, hard work and innovation and development of all Zhongli people. At the meeting, Wang Baixing, on behalf of the Group Board of Directors, expressed his gratitude to all staff who have made great efforts and made contributions to the development of Zhongli.

    Wang Baixing put forward new goals and measures for 2018, 2018 is a year of hope, a year ofdevelopment with a higher goal of China-Libya, and a year of further innovation and development. We firmly believe in strengthening the new channels of diversifying capital channels, innovating in mergers and acquisitions and cooperation and accelerating innovation and development. We take science and technology innovation as the leading factor, high-tech industries as the mainstay of development, overseas development projects under the Belt and Road initiative as opportunities, Higher industry-leading position.

    In 2018, the main economic goal of Zhongli Group requires that the sales revenue should increase by more than 15% on the basis of 2017 and the after-tax profit should increase by more than 30% on the basis of 2017, requiring the Group and each of the companies to make new project planning and technological transformation , It is necessary to further strengthen the management of positive energy team, strengthen team ompetitiveness, strengthen management measures and intensify assessment. Promote market advantage by scientific and technological innovation, grasp development advantage by mode innovation. The new year must be updated, more conscious and more innovative. We should give full play to the joint efforts of all members to ensure that we achieve excess new goals and tasks and comprehensively enhance our new advantages. Layout of the new focus of work: to speed up the photovoltaic industry innovation model; speed up innovation and development of competitive industries; increase technological innovation and enhance competitiveness; companies must strengthen management, the full implementation of performance appraisa Wang Baixing called on all staff to update the concept of full energy, bold innovation and development of ideas to ensure that the new development goals, around the new objectives and tasks, earnestly carry forward the "integrity, dedication, unity, innovation," the spirit of Zhongli for Re-innovation brilliant and work hard.

    During the meeting, the vice presidents of the management team of the group president and the general manager of each company reported on the work in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Wang Baixing and the president of each subsidiary of Zhongli Group signed the responsibility statement for 2018 and all the subsidiaries seriously discussed in groups. The president of each company said that he will closely focus on the work instructions of Chairman Wang Baixing and is full of confidence in successfully completing the annual target.