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The party committee of Zhongli Group launched the party-day theme event and the establishment ceremony of the action branch

Author: Time:2018-05-31 Hit:3031
On the morning of May 17, the party committee of Zhongli Group held a party-day theme life meeting and the establishment ceremony of the action branch of Zhongli Group in the Shajiabang Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall. Party Day activities are divided into three agendas: the 7 action branches of the group set up a flag-raising ceremony, revisited the oath of joining the party, and visited the excellent grassroots party organization secretary of Changshu City. Qian Siwen, Chief of the Information Disclosure Section of the Changli Municipal Government Office of Zhongli Group, attended the event.

The Action Branch is a practical practice to effectively implement the internship in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, and effectively strengthen the "all work of the party to the branch." The party committee of Zhongli Group has 7 party branches and more than 230 party members. According to the requirements and arrangements of the superior organization, the party committee has established seven action branches, including one poverty alleviation pioneer action branch and six vitality pioneer action branches. The party building of the joint-stock company belongs to the non-public party building, focusing on promoting the vitality of the enterprise, aiming at promoting enterprise development, market expansion, scientific and technological research, and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and establishing the action branch on the enterprise workshop, team, and major projects. Unite to unite employees, lead the service of the masses, and promote the healthy development of enterprises.

Wu Mian, deputy secretary of the party committee of the group, asked the party members of the enterprise to clearly set their goals and let the branch "have direction and move purpose." In accordance with the requirements of the “one action and one list”, the project mechanism will be used to promote the branch to undertake specific tasks, let the branch play the leading role in the grassroots work, set an example, and see the action; the second is to strengthen management and let the branch “have a basis and act with rules”. In contrast to the standardization system of the branch, the education activities of the theme of “not forgetting the original heart and keeping in mind the mission” were carried out in combination; the third is to coordinate the protection and let the branch “have the ability and effectiveness”. Seriously practice the party's purpose and the mass line, let the branch and the masses want to be together, work together, coordinate service resources, and bring together party members and the wisdom and strength of the masses.
The party and day activities are a concentrated expression of thoroughly implementing the spirit of the 19th Party Congress and promoting the establishment of the party's grassroots organizations and the innovation of activities.