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hongli Group - Talesun won two awards at the 12th China Brand Festival

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On August 8th, the 2018 (12th) China Brand Festival, hosted by the Brand Alliance, was launched in Chengdu Western China International Expo City with the theme of “Fixed force and Endeavour”. Zhongli Group – Talesun won the “China PV Poverty Alleviation Excellence Contribution Award” and “Photovoltaic Industry Leading Brand” two brand awards.

The China Brand Festival was established in 2007 and has been successfully held for 11 years. It is known as the Olympic Games in China. It has been held in Beijing, Qingdao, Guiyang, Dalian and other cities. It has become a high-profile and large-scale Chinese brand activity field. The influential publicity platform displays the comprehensive communication platform of China's own brand image, and is also a resource cooperation platform for Chinese brands to exchange, learn, promote and enhance.

Gu Xiulian, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Ninth and Tenth National People's Congress, Gu Xiulian, Director of the China Care for the Next Generation Work Committee, Lu Kewen, Australia's 26th Prime Minister and President of the American Asia Society Policy Research Institute, the father of the Chinese brand and the China Brand Festival Organizing Committee Chairman Ai Feng and other government leaders, international politicians, brand experts, well-known entrepreneurs, famous scholars and mainstream media attended the opening ceremony.

Up to now, Talesun has developed and built photovoltaic power plants at home and abroad in excess of 5GW (GW). In recent years, under the promotion of the national precision poverty alleviation and precision poverty alleviation policies, Talesun has successively launched three generations of agricultural photovoltaic projects in poverty-stricken areas—the first generation of “smart photovoltaic + technology agriculture” innovation project and the second generation “poor village photovoltaic farm”. “Poverty Alleviation Project and the third generation “Family Sunshine Farm” poverty alleviation project.

The “Poverty Village PV Farm” poverty alleviation project is mainly based on village-level photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations. Talesun signed a poverty alleviation agreement with the impoverished counties to help each poor village in the poverty-stricken county to build a 0.5MW (megawatt) photovoltaic power station. The property rights of the “poor village photovoltaic farm” were collectively owned by the poverty-stricken counties. The project company will not only pay farmers 20 years of land use rent, but also absorb local farmers who have the ability to work and turn them into guaranteed agricultural workers to help solve the problem of local people's employment. In addition, through the "smart photovoltaic grafting technology agriculture", after the integration of modern agricultural facilities by Talesun, farmers can continue to grow economic crops and breeding in the "poor village photovoltaic farms", and gain additional benefits. This new “revenue-based” poverty alleviation model has enhanced the ability of poor villages to “self-hematopoietic”, creating a stable and reliable “photovoltaic + agriculture + employment” superimposed income for poor villages, allowing poor people to share the poverty alleviation industry under modern technology. Innovation results.

After the construction of the first “Poverty Village Photovoltaic Farm” project in Anhui Lingbi Town in 2016, the mainstream media such as “People’s Daily” paid close attention to and reported it. It was also well received and recognized by the Poverty Alleviation Office and the local government, and was promoted by the state. As a poverty-stricken area, poverty alleviation “revenue-based” poverty alleviation projects were promoted nationwide, and the “Poverty Village PV Farm” brand was successfully launched. Up to now, Talesun has signed a package for poverty alleviation agreements with more than 100 poverty-stricken counties across the country. In the next three years, the “Poverty Village Photovoltaic Farm” project of Talesun will benefit more poor people. It plans to cover 300 poverty-stricken counties and 25,000 poverty-stricken villages, and has accumulated more than 3 million poverty-stricken people, helping the country to fully overcome poverty in 2020.

In 2018, it was a crucial year for Chinese independent brands in the transition period. Under the new normal of China's economy, China's brand strategy has risen to a national strategic level. Implementing a global brand strategy is the only way to enhance the core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, shape China's national image, and demonstrate the spirit of the Chinese nation. Zhongli Group- Talesun will be based on the existing business direction and strategic focus, and further shape and enhance the influence of corporate brand through continuous innovation, excellent product quality and competitive price. The growth phase has shifted to a high-quality development phase.