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Zhongli Group won the "Poverty in the Big Country and Win the 2020" Accurate Poverty Alleviation Recommended Case

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Focus on poverty alleviation and create a better life. The “Great Powers to Win 2020” Precision Poverty Alleviation Forum and the 6th China Charity Exhibition International Public Welfare Summit were held in Shenzhen by the People’s Daily and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. This Precision Poverty Alleviation Forum is a heavyweight forum focusing on precision poverty alleviation under the guidance of Xi Jinping's important strategic thinking on poverty alleviation and development, in accordance with the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on winning the three-year campaign against poverty. In the next three years, the task of getting rid of poverty will still be very arduous. Every year, we will reduce poverty by about 10 million people. The incidence of poverty in the “three districts and three states” is still as high as 14.6%. In this context, this precise poverty alleviation forum has become a “big stage” for mobilizing social forces to participate in poverty alleviation, helping social forces to connect limited resources to areas that need more help, and let more good projects enter deep poverty areas. Helping to get rid of poverty.

Vice Minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Zhan Chengfu, Vice Chairman of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Xie Jingrong, Deputy Director of the State Council Office of Poverty Alleviation Ou Qingping, Deputy Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Mayor Chen Rugui delivered speeches. Huang Ningsheng, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, attended the forum. Wang Baixing, Chairman of Zhongli Group, was invited to attend the forum.

 The forum selected more than 40 recommended cases of precision poverty alleviation from 650 cases in the country. Zhongli Group's “Poverty Village PV Farm” precision poverty alleviation project won the “Recommended Case of Precision Poverty Alleviation Factors Input Mode”. As the only representative of the new energy enterprise industry poverty alleviation recommendation case, Zhongli Group, president of Tenghui Power Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the forum, sharing Zhongli's innovative “poor village photovoltaic farm” to help poor villages to get rid of poverty Project cases.

Wang Weifeng said that poverty alleviation is one of the "three major tasks" that our party has put forward on the basis of summing up the long-term and stable development of all countries. It is an important national policy of China. Industrial poverty alleviation must be the main form of completing this national policy, and PV poverty alleviation has always been the foundation and responsibility of Zhongli Group.

The early domestic PV poverty alleviation is mainly based on centralized photovoltaic power plants, which is easy to cause the phenomenon of limited power generation and property rights disputes. It is difficult to guarantee the poverty alleviation income of poor households. Zhongli innovative “poverty village photovoltaic farm” poverty alleviation model, the enterprise helps the poor counties to fund the construction, and the property rights of the poverty alleviation power station after completion will be owned by the poor village collective. After the project is completed and connected to the grid, the poverty-stricken county will finance the three-year bridge loan to the policy bank to repay the enterprise's funds for construction.

The “Poverty Village Photovoltaic Farm” applied innovative technology to raise the support of photovoltaic modules to more than 4 meters, and the span of the support piles was widened to 10 meters, achieving large-scale mechanized farming. The technology of veneer components and inclination meets 75% of the crops and achieves the cultivation of grain crops. Zhongli Photovoltaic Agricultural Research Institute provides agricultural technology support to local poor households, helping them to plant various kinds of characteristic economic crops in “photovoltaic farms”, and also drives poor farmers to farm employment, and realized “photovoltaic” for the construction of stable villages. + Agriculture + Employment" 20 years of stable income from poverty alleviation.

At the signing ceremony of the Counter-Poverty Alleviation, Zhongli Group, the president of the poverty alleviation business unit of Tenghui Power Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhang Weichun, the executive deputy head of the Naidong District of Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region signed the “Poverty Village Photovoltaic Farm” agreement. In the past two years, Zhongli Group's “Poverty Village Photovoltaic Farm” benefited Tibet's deep poverty-stricken areas. In July 2018, the first “Poverty Village Photovoltaic Farm” project in Tibet was connected to the grid in Qiongjie County and received the party secretary of the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office. Director Liu Yongfu’s praise and recognition is considered to be an important way for the Tibet Autonomous Region to accurately alleviate poverty and accurately eliminate poverty. At present, Zhongli Group's photovoltaic poverty alleviation project in Tibet covers 74 counties and builds a power plant of 600MW.

      In the “Public Welfare Forces Helping Poverty Alleviation” roundtable forum, Zhongli Group, President of Domestic Strategic Development of Tenghui Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., said that Zhongli Innovation launched “Poverty Village PV Farm”, which not only brought power generation revenue, but also photovoltaic The combination of power generation and modern science and technology agriculture has realized the simultaneous development of photovoltaic grafting and large agriculture. The same land can not only produce green electricity, but also be transformed into grain fields, cash crop plantations, and aquatic livestock farms, bringing more income to farmers. Each village-level photovoltaic farm can provide more than 30 jobs and achieve a farm wage system. Allowing poor households with labor to earn income through working, so that poor villages can achieve a stable "PV + agriculture + employment" superimposed income.

      Up to now, Zhongli Group has helped 73 poverty-stricken counties across the country to build a “poor village photovoltaic farm” to help lift more than 700,000 poor people. In the next three years, Zhongli Group will continue to promote village-level photovoltaic poverty alleviation. It plans to cover 200 poverty-stricken counties and 15,000 poverty-stricken villages, benefiting more poor people and making new contributions to the country's fight against poverty.