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Zhongli Group's 2019 Economic Work Conference was held

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On January 8th, Zhongli Group's 2019 Economic Work Conference was held at Changshu Headquarters. The meeting was attended by the group's headquarters leadership team and directors from 12 subsidiaries, overseas Thai and Indonesian subsidiaries and other members. Mr. Ji Hengyi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shajiabang Town, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

In the report of the conference, Wang Baixing, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhongli Group, first reviewed the 30-year history of Zhongli Group's development. The 2018 year is the 40th anniversary of the country's reform and opening up, and it is also the 30 years of Zhongli's creation and development. Wang Baixing reviewed the sweat and tears on the road of development. 30 spring and autumn, countless nights, with our fiery ambitions, every smile, every hope, every plan carries forward the same goal and carries forward The spirit of integrity, dedication, unity and innovation. In 1988, he himself took out 5,000 yuan, rented 5 mushroom houses in the city's new village, including 9 people including himself, and started the production of the most common civilian wires. Through the joint efforts of all of you, we have been tenaciously exploring in the competition, creating 30 years of brilliant achievements in the economic tide of reform and opening up, and becoming the top 500 Chinese enterprises. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Wang Boxing expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the colleagues and friends from all walks of life who have been working hard for 30 years, constantly innovating and working hard, and all the employees who have been concerned about supporting Zhongli development for a long time!

Chairman Wang Baixing summarized the work of 2018. Last year was the 30th anniversary of the establishment and development of Zhongli Group. It was also the most difficult year in the past 30 years. It has experienced the financing difficulties caused by deleveraging in the development of the company. The 5.31 policy of the photovoltaic industry has brought the industry to reduce production by more than 50%, and the total poverty alleviation policy of 3.26. The company’s more than 4 billion receivables, the poverty alleviation projects that have already started construction, the difficulties of riding the tiger, the capital market stocks and the company’s restructuring and resumption of trading have brought pressure on our top five stocks. In this very difficult year, the Zhongli people challenged all kinds of difficulties. But it also makes our will stronger and clearer. We have adjusted our future development direction, and we are positioning the development model of the new era with light assets, high quality and technological innovation. In 2018, faced with the intricate economic environment at home and abroad, the test of the domestic industry policy environment, and many unpredictable challenges. Through the joint efforts of all employees, we have achieved good results. This is the result of unity, hard work, and innovative development of all Zhongli people. On behalf of the Group Board of Directors, Wang Baixing expressed his gratitude to all the employees who contributed.

Wang Baixing put forward new work goals and measures for 2019, full of hopes and challenges. This year is the year when Zhongli Group adjusts its development ideas. The new era is that Zhongli is closely following the current situation. The new idea is the development concept of Zhongli New. The new one is the work that Zhongli people must do well. The new goal is that we are new. The stage must achieve performance. We must adhere to the theme of scientific and technological innovation, aim at high-quality development, and take the development of overseas business of “One Belt, One Road” as an opportunity to achieve a stronger development advantage.

Wang Baixing proposed that the main economic objectives of Zhongli Group and various companies in 2019 should be completed in accordance with the requirements of the target responsibility book. It also requires the Group and its companies to do new project planning and technical transformation work to ensure that more than 75 patents are filed in 2019.

Wang Baixing emphasized that in 2019, it is necessary to focus on the development of the military electronics industry; to adapt to other market industries, to integrate the company's reality, to innovate product structure and to innovate business models, to adjust to light assets and high-quality development models; Technical capabilities, open up new markets, and develop new projects for energy storage and environmental protection.

Wang Baixing pointed out that while the Group and its companies are developing, it is necessary to innovate product research and development, promote automation and intelligent manufacturing, strictly control material procurement and logistics costs, and comprehensively investigate internal human resources and daily management fees. Make a contribution to the better development of the group.

Wang Baixing called on all employees to complete new development goals with new ideas. In the face of new situations, they need to have a clearer mind, more enthusiasm and meet new challenges. Focusing on new work objectives, we will comprehensively mobilize and earnestly carry forward the spirit of "integrity, dedication, unity and innovation" and work hard for Zhongli to innovate again.

At the meeting, the vice presidents of the group's presidential management team and the general managers of the companies made work reports on the 2018 summary and the 2019 plan respectively. Wang Baixing signed the 2019 work target responsibility letter with the presidents of various subsidiaries of Zhongli Group. The subsidiaries have carefully conducted group discussions. The presidents of the companies said that they will closely follow the work instructions of Chairman Wang Baixing and have confidence in successfully completing the annual target.