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Talesun \'s “6+1” model helps Shandong to “promote the whole county”

Author: Time:2021-09-30 Hit:1846

In recent years, the development of distributed photovoltaic industry in Shandong Province has been at the forefront of the country. As of the end of June this year, Shandong's newly installed photovoltaic capacity reached 3.34GW. Among them, the newly installed capacity of centralized photovoltaics is only 0.62GW, while distributed photovoltaics is as high as 2.72GW, ranking first in the country.

Recently, Talesun signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the People’s Government of Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. It will follow the principles of “complementary advantages, mutual benefit, win-win, strong alliance, and common development” to give full play to their respective advantages and strengthen all-round strategic cooperation. , To jointly promote the high-standard construction of the entire county’s rooftop distributed photovoltaic pilot projects.

Under the dual blessings of the "dual carbon goal" and the "county-wide promotion", Talesun first introduced the innovative "6+1" green smart photovoltaic model in the industry, that is, distributed, energy storage (hydrogen), and Parking lot light storage and charging, waste beach and wasteland sightseeing projects, rural river pond farming, smart agricultural photovoltaic comprehensive development of the entire county photovoltaic market, and the use of cloud platform data center for unified, intelligent, and visualized management and monitoring. This model conforms to the national strategic development requirements of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality", and is conducive to the company's market expansion in the field of distributed photovoltaic power stations on the rooftops of the entire county.

The signing of the entire county development project in Shandong Province will play a demonstrative role for Talesun in the promotion and promotion of the "6+1" distributed photovoltaic power station model in the entire county, and will be more conducive to Talesun's future on the rooftops of the entire county. Market expansion in the field of distributed photovoltaic power plants.

    In the future, as the “county-wide promotion” policy continues to boost the development of distributed fields, Talesun will penetrate the Shandong market more deeply, further improve the local ecological environment in Shandong, and play the role of distributed photovoltaics in reducing the peak load of electricity, and help Local public institutions, industrial and commercial owners and farmers have achieved green electricity consumption, reduced energy consumption and electricity costs, and achieved multiple goals such as low-carbon operation, energy saving and emission reduction, and rural revitalization.