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Talesun won three awards!

Author: Time:2022-07-31 Hit:1198

From July 14th to 15th, the "2022 Jiangsu Photovoltaic Industry Development Forum" hosted by Jiangsu Photovoltaic Industry Association was successfully held in Nanjing. Talesun Photovoltaic was invited to attend this forum and witnessed the vigorous development of the photovoltaic industry in Jiangsu Province together with representatives from all walks of life from politics, industry, academia, research and photovoltaic enterprises. At the meeting, Talesun Photovoltaic won three awards from China Good Photovoltaic, "2021 Top Ten Distributed Photovoltaic Module Supplier Award", "2021 Photovoltaic Module Technology Breakthrough Award" and "2021 Jiangsu Photovoltaic Science and Technology Award".


On the morning of July 15, the awarding session commended the winners of the "Jiangsu Photovoltaic Industry Science and Technology Award" and the "2021 China Green Energy Entrepreneur Award". With more than ten years of independent research and development and innovation in photovoltaic technology, Talesun Photovoltaic has been highly appraised and authoritatively affirmed by the Organizing Committee of the 2022 Jiangsu Photovoltaic Industry Development Forum, and won the title of "Jiangsu Photovoltaic Science and Technology Award".

This conference focuses on important topics such as household photovoltaics, industrial and commercial photovoltaics, county-wide promotion, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, wind-solar hydrogen storage, and various distributed photovoltaic applications. The topic carried out in-depth discussion and research, which provided new ideas and new perspectives for the sustainable development of Jiangsu photovoltaic industry.

The "China Good Photovoltaic" brand ceremony dinner held during the forum aims to implement the national solar photovoltaic industry policy, encourage the technological innovation and brand building of solar photovoltaic enterprises, and commend outstanding enterprises for their important contributions to the development of solar photovoltaics in my country.

At the dinner, Talesun won the "2021 Top Ten Distributed Photovoltaic Module Supplier Award" and "2021 Photovoltaic Module Technology Breakthrough Award". The acquisition of these two awards is an affirmation of Talesun's efforts in the field of photovoltaic modules in 2021, and also reflects Talesun's industry brand influence. Talesun has always insisted on taking quality and innovation to a higher level. The company will take this award as an opportunity to continue to make every effort to provide customers with the highest quality products and services, and jointly maintain the industry reputation for the development of the photovoltaic industry. Strive to contribute to China's early realization of the "carbon neutrality" goal!