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In the technology group as the national strategy of "area" development in the western investment projects

Author: Time:2015-09-11 Hit:11120

Meet Wang Baixing colton

The technology group active in response to a national strategy of "area" development, investment in the western ningxia, qinghai, xinjiang and other provinces and cities the photovoltaic power station, solar cable, optical fiber preform projects, such as the chairman Wang Baixing on July 2 investigation project, to the west by the ningxia hui autonomous region party committee secretary, enthusiasm of colton, director of the National People's Congress standing committee meeting.

In the western region with rich resources of field, has provided a broad space for solar photovoltaic industry development, Wang Baixing said: the science and technology in the building photovoltaic power station group in ningxia and cable production base, the ningxia autonomous region at all levels of government attention and support. Now lee tenghui in ning photovoltaic (pv) grid project has been completed, 200 megawatts of construction, 130 megawatts this year is under construction. In ningxia, and the building also led to the local making economic and technological development zone industrial chain of escalating, relying on the park for metallurgy and calcium carbide industry provided by the PVC raw material, implements the park resource efficiency, recycling, added a petrochemical industry downstream industry chain in the industrial park. The future the company will be based in ningxia in ningxia, radiation northwest five provinces, in pv and pv cable industry occupy the market, leading to investment in ningxia enterprises into the international leading technology companies.

Colton said: in the group of science and technology make the cable, pv related industries such as technology and market advantage, further strengthen the cooperation with ningxia. Autonomous region will actively create a good environment, and strive to achieve mutual benefit.

At the same time, on July 10, federation of industry and commerce of jiangsu province chamber of commerce, deputy party secretary Wu Ming, research FaZhiChu place pair place oblong, wei wu, and suzhou daily reporter, suzhou radio and television news comprehensive channel reporter at reception, etc., in a line of their visit to the ningxia, lee teng in CDH view. The their visit to mainly aimed at suzhou enterprises how to practice "area" national strategy, to go out; How with regional cooperation platform, play advantage, seize the opportunity to interview.

"Area" is a concept of cooperative development, in the technology group under the guidance of Wang Baixing always adhere to the win-win cooperation and sustainable development, cultivate new economic growth point, the advantages of production capacity and technical suitable area, drive the capital and the output of the products, steady growth for the enterprise, adjusting structure provides a strong support, for development of suzhou enterprises go out and set up a model.