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ZhongLi Talesun’s five new main gate battery components release successfully into production

Author: Time:2016-07-31 Hit:2486

In July 1st, ZhongLi Talesun, five new main gate battery components launched successfully following the launch of the ZhongLi Talesun TWIINKLE double glass components, feather light component and a new, four main grid cell components after another important scientific and technological achievements; also it is the R&D team’s the results of many years’ development, continuous innovation,

It is worth mentioning, five main grid cell P type battery chip laboratory conversion efficiency world record was created by Dr. Zhao Jianhua and Wang Aihua, led the CSUN R&D team to the first time, ZhongLi Talesun’s vice president of Ni Zhichun, is in charge of the project. The new, five main grid cell on the basis of original CSUN five main grid cell were greater innovation, improved application is completely ZhongLi Talesun’s independent intellectual property right, and has access to domestic and international invention patent technology of grid pattern technique. Compared with the original five main grid cell, this new innovation has obvious difference technology.

ZhongLi Talesun new, five main grid cell assembly using unique metal grid line designation, produced with low series resistance and higher conversion efficiency; which will increase the output power, effectively improve the efficiency of assembly. The introduction of this technology will help the original production efficiency of the battery to reach 18.58% , and based on further improvement of the battery production efficiency, significantly enhance the 60 pieces of crystal silicon polycrystalline cell components 270 watts output power rate.

ZhongLi Talesun, vice president of Ni Zhichun, said: the production of the "new, five main grid pattern cell component production off the assembly line, will further improve the company's product series. The product is expected to be completed by the end of the certification and comprehensive promotion. And beside this ZhongLi Talesun will launch other types of high-performance products, to meet the customers a full range of application requirements and the project demand.

Professional technical team, strong work style, excellent sense of achievement of ZhongLi Talesun is very much important in today's achievements. With the continuous implementation of the national "The Belt and Road" and "leader in photovoltaic project, efficient components will be more and more popular in the market. ZhongLi Talesun through continuous innovation, development, assembly and intelligent component, maintain the company's products in a leading position in the industry, leading the development of the photovoltaic industry.