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Country World Visited Zhongli High-efficient Diversified Eco-agricultural PV Demonstration Base

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The large variety show “Country World” of CCTV Chanel 7 visited Zhongli high-efficient diversified eco-agricultural PV demonstration base at September 28th, the owner of Golden Mike Award OF CCTV, Bi Mingxin and the famous host, Fu Yulong hosted the show together.

The name of “high-efficient diversified eco-agricultural PV project” came from “light and faming” experiment, the bold and revolutionary experiment. In a modified wasteland, photovoltaic modules are devised in the 4 meters high and Single component installation technology can control the light transmittance above 70% which can not only guarantee the illumination intensity can satisfy the growth of grain crop such as wheat and rice, but also the growth of pasture, flowers and commercial crop, and the farming of fish, crab, shrimp and so on.   Wang Baixing, the president of Zhongli Sci-tech group named the experiment “high-efficient diversified eco-agricultural PV project”. PV agriculture will move into a new stage if the experiment is successful, and many difficult issues in PV and modern agriculture will be readily solved. Difficult issues mainly are shortage of land in building PV station in east, inversion in modern agriculture facilities and series of problems.

In Zhongli high-efficient diversified eco-agricultural PV demonstration base, power generation assembly can the machine tool and engine of modern agriculture facilities, as we can see, solar insecticide lamps, auto-sprayers, atomizers, biological pesticide plates and more efficient agricultural facilities are installed in the top of PV plates. Solar pumping irrigation system and electric agricultural equipment can gain electric power from PV plates, which means agricultural electricity is self-sufficient.

What’s more, PV agriculture can greatly improve the productivity of per unit area and even bring the possibility of double income. According to the practice of “high-efficient diversified eco-agricultural PV project”, agriculture enterprises transfer agriculture lands into PV farming lands to absorb farmers who are able to work into guaranteed workers, and poor farm households can pool lands as shares and enjoy the profits. To the farmers who are willing to continue to work, agriculture enterprises will form a unit set for them and return the rent.

Zhongli“high-efficient diversified eco-agricultural PV project” creates a solution of combining high-efficient agriculture and various cultivation, accelerates the promotion of modern agriculture, breaks through the bottleneck of developing PV industry,  constructs a more stable market for PV industry, and is the leader in the worldwide PV industry.