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Zhongli Group 2019 Technology Line Work Conference

Author: Time:2019-02-28 Hit:4628

On February 22nd, the 2019 Science and Technology Line Work Conference was successfully held at the Zhongli Group Headquarters. The relevant leaders of the Group Headquarters and the company's technology leaders and the Group Engineering Technology Center attended the meeting. The meeting summarized the 2018 science and technology projects and discussed and arranged according to the key work of the Group's 2019 comprehensive scientific and technological management objectives, and conducted training on the R&D project management process. The meeting achieved important results.

Wan Honggang, director of the Group's Engineering Technology Center, presided over the meeting. First, he conveyed the key instructions of Wang Boxing, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, in the 2019 technology line. The participants said that they would follow the instructions and implement the technology line. floor. Chen Xinxiang, Vice President of the Group, presented the award for the "Special Award for the 2018 Annual Scientific and Technological Innovation President Award and Pioneer Award" and encouraged the companies and individuals who have won the award to be more active in innovation and establish a positive energy image in their future work.

At the meeting, the deputy general manager of the company's technology lines and the heads of various departments reported on the work in 2018, the existing problems and the work plan for 2019. Chen Xinxiang summed up the achievements of the Group's scientific and technological innovation development in 2018, summed up the good practices in 2018 in a concise manner, and answered the questions and difficulties in a timely manner. It focuses on the difficulties that may be encountered in the work in 2019, and points out that the relevant effective measures to deal with the difficulties require the person in charge of the science and technology line to work closely with the comprehensive management objectives of the science and technology line formulated by the group, and set the plan ahead of time. To be reasonable and operability, work with other teams in other companies to ensure the smooth completion of the goals of each company.

In addition, with the meeting, the Group Engineering Technology Center also invited senior project management experts to conduct special training on R&D project management processes, how to guide the company to develop project plans, how to effectively lead the project team, and introduced Huawei's project management six steps. The law, IPD process and management mode, the training content is easy to understand, rich and colorful, both theoretical explanations and case studies; use actual cases to interact with the company's line leaders to help you understand the project management The importance of applying good measures to actual product development!

Finally, Chen Xinxiang made a concluding speech on this meeting. He proposed the following three points: 1. The annual goal is refined to the individual, grasping the time and grasping the progress; 2. Encouraging the companies to actively implement the incentive policy according to the No. 7 document. Great innovation, improve employee enthusiasm; 3. on the clear system, assessment data nodes, patent sharing system, new product data feedback, research and development plus deduction, etc., on time, clear that companies plan early new product development, Project declaration, intellectual property and other related work require all members of the company to work together to create a better performance for Zhongli.