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Overseas Lawyer

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Work contents:

    1. Responsible for auditing all kinds of standard contracts and non-standard contracts of the company.

    2. Provide legal support to project company in business negotiations, mergers and financing.

    3. Assistant external lawyers to litigation, including evidence collection and document preparation, and respondent court when necessary.

    4. Assistant legal manager to do the domestic legal business.




    1. Own lawyer qualification or pass the Judicial Examination, and have 3 or more than 3 years’workingexperience.

    2. CET4 and more.

    3. Male, work hard and obey to company’s assignment and allocation of work.

    4. Work actively and initiatively.

    5. Have good language skills and communication skills as well as a good sense of teamwork.



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Closing Date

    31st, December, 2015.