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ZhongLi science and technology group to carry out summer caring activities

Author: Time:2016-07-31 Hit:1749
 Scorching midsummer hurried footsteps of ZhongLi’s employees. In late July, high temperatures weather hit Suzhou city, ZhongLi Group deputy office ordered the company office to carry out caring activities for the employees fighting in the production line. July 22, ZhongLi Science and technology group president of the union Peng Huie, carrying Deputy Secretary of the Party committee Cao Guanqiu line, with a 500 pound watermelon into the cable workshop, and other places which has high temperature operation atmosphere, cool to send condolences activities carried out, to keep in the front-line staff sent to care for. In ZhongLi Group canteen workers, attendants heard this initiative, more volunteered to live for fighting in the frontline workers provide watermelon and other services.

The delivery of cool activities in ZhongLi Science and technology group was carried out as one of the educational practice of the party's mass line of a specific action, lasted a total of nearly a week, gave out a total of watermelon  two thousand pounds, employees ate cool watermelon and warm their heart. The majority of workers during the period of high temperature weather fighting line, to feel the passion of caring company.

It is reported that in ZhongLi Group’s subsidiary  ZhongLi Talesun, Zhonglian photoelectricity, Lixing also responded to the group call, carried out a series of caring activities.