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Spring flowers

Author: QinYang Time:2015-09-11 Hit:1352

To do a warm girl, in a bright light in the afternoon, sitting on the soft bed, lazily against the pink plaid pillow. Silent light, downstairs sister just dry cotton clothes with soap flavor of leaves and wind, then drink a little hot milk on the table of the head of a bed of thick warm white, taste slowly read some warm words.

To do a warm little girl, my mother to call to have a meal, will be happy and promised to set the bowl chopsticks, again for dad poured a little wine. Never tell mother don't like her to buy my clothes today, never squirmed mouth anger to them. Will accompany them to the game at reading; Wear custom t-shirts and they together in his hometown of roadside leisurely walks; To meet their friends on the way politely greeting; Trying to make them proud of me.

To do a warm girl friend, never really angry with him. Must walk beside him, and he guided me to quietly hold his index finger across the road. Not make public, don't escape, like to speak to him, also like squinting when he speaks quietly and carefully see him respect for his ideas. Don't spoil him when he was busy with work not to fight him. Gently embrace him when he depressed, tell him I support him forever.

To do a warm, mom bought a lot more to the child toys, tell him to love them, because of the toys, is a matter of feeling. Will write a warm letter to him every day, take pictures of him made him mad together with father, let him become a real man. For him to pick good books to read, tell others must respect nature. Don't force him to do anything he doesn't like to engage him forge skip class notes to let him have a lot of wonderful memories. When he will hit the streets arm in my arm, said good night he will mysterious, mom, there is a girl in my class is great.

So just like that one day I also do a warm woman, in a bright light in the afternoon, sat on the chair in the yard in shaking baking a cake for her neighbors, tell my granddaughter for himself a cup of milk, granddaughter, girls are the most beautiful angel, to have a warm temperament, then hug them, listen to the house of the old clock when local ring.