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Life suantiankula

Author: WangJun Time:2015-09-11 Hit:1354

Remember once friends invite I to have a meal, the table has a dish called balsam pear scramble eggs, and sweet and sour pork ribs, spicy tofu, honeycomb corn etc. Several dishes. I saw the dish on the table said: "suantiankula all here today." Friends take a closer look at the food on the table, can't help simply laughed.

What is life? Life is a cruet stand. Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, everything. Some people say that life is like a cup of plain boiled water, bland, should add a bit of tea, you have a taste of life. I think we should have more taste at all, so that your life is not only tasty but also has different taste. The road of life has a lot of, have simple straight line, there are complex curve, and colorful. If you choose the former, may you give relatively few sour bitter, sweet and a little more. But may be worth your memories of things rarely; If you choose the latter, you have to give ordinary people can not give, so in your life on the road to leave more gorgeous color. When you people into old age, you look back you walked again, life will be in your mind to form a perfect series.

This is the life, total want to experience some suantiankula, otherwise how could people say life is colourful? As long as we brave face reality, with a gentle state of mind, again much suantiankula life is just a dish!