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Electric Characters of Internal Screening Railway Optoelectronic Integrated Cable

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     This cable is suitable for transmitting control information and energy, connecting between related equipment and control equipment in railway signal system, realize 1 MHz(analong signal), 2Mbit/s(digital signal) with rated voltage up to 750V A.C. or 110V D.C. The cable is suitable for fixed installation along railway electrified section or non-electrified section.. Single-mode fiber in the fiber unit is used to open long-distance digital communication systems, quads opening PCM communication system, the line group for the opening section of the audio communication system. It has good shielding properties and strong anti-interference ability, also can be used for fixed installation along railway electrified section or non-electrified section. Product standard in accordance with TB/T 2461-93< Railway communications cable, standard series of optical composite cable and the main technical conditions > and TB/T 2476.1-4-93< Single Cable for Railway >, also available to design & produce based on customer requirements.


Technical characters


4-wire-set cable digital group with high shielding material, 50Hz ideal shielding factor of less than 0.1, it also has strong anti-interference ability.
Long-term operating temperature is 70℃.
Lowest environment temperature is -40℃.
Bending radius of cable should not less than 25 times of cable outer diameter.
Fiber performance meets the standard requirements of GB / T 15 972.