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Locomotive cable

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    It's suitable for railway locomotive & car with rated voltage ≤3KV, especially for narrow space and places with requirement of low-smoke, halogen-free and flame-retardant, as well as other railway vehicles. It manufactured in accordance with GB/T 12528 “Nominal Voltage ≤3KV Cross-Linked XLPO Insulation Cable (Wire) for Railway Locomotive & Cars”, also can be designed & produced based on customer requirements.


Technical characters


1. Flexibility: with great flexibility, small bending diameter, able to be bent at any angle, with sufficient moving freeness, which facilitates installation; especially suitable for indoor and small area construction.
2. Flame-retardant: with good flame-retardant property, the cable shall neither burn itself nor burn further in naked flame, it shall go out itself 5 minutes off the naked flame; meeting requirement stipulated in GB/T 18380.11 “Single Wire Burning Test”.
Safety: with low smoke when burned in flame, low halogen gas, which shall not bring forth secondary fire disaster, convenient for evacuation of staff and fire-fighting.
Heat resistance: able to operate normally at 150±3℃.
Ozone resistance: The cable insulation has strong ability of ozone resistance, able to work normally in environment with ozone-containing air density ≤0.03%.
Oil resistance: with strong oil resistance property, able to work in grease-spoiled environment.
Freeze resistance: with good freeze resistance property, able to construction and running in severe cold region.
Wet resistance: The cable works stably in wet working condition