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Project Manager

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Work contents:

    1. Plan and manage engineering project, control about the process, quality, cost and security of the project.

    2. Review of construction plan, control the project progress, supervise project quality and implement the safety.

    3. Coordinate all problems during the construction.

    4. Collect, sort and fill related regulatory system information.




    1. Bachelor’s degree and more, major in Power, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical and Electrical integration.

    2. Earn more than 5 years’ working experience in the professional and over 3 years’ working experience in management of large scale PV engineering construction.

    3. Familiar with project management, construction site and quality control.

    4. Familiar with the construction process of PV power plant. Be good at communicating and business negotiation and have strong ability to organize and coordinate team.

    5. Good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

    6. Proficiency in the use of CAD, solid work, Word, Excel, PPT or other related software.

    7. Good health, can adapt to frequent business trips.



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Closing Date

    31st, December, 2015