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Audit Specialist

Author: Time:2014-07-06 Hit:1742

Work contents:

    1. Especially responsible for company’s operating results, financial, auditing. Etc.

    2. Assist audit manager to prepare the internal audit plan.

    3. Standardize the financial accounting, audit of the financial statements and the audit budget.

    4. Collect, collate audit evidence and prepare audit working papers.

    5. To disclosure of audit reports, propose recommendations for improvement and decision-making.




    1. College degree or above, major in auditing, accounting professional or certificates.

    2. Proficient in OFFICE software, can analyze data with EXCEL, and ERP system operation experience is preferred.

    3. At least 4 years work experience in large and medium sized manufacturing enterprise financial management, with not less than 1 years’ full-time audit working experience.

    4. 25-35 years old, handsome and healthy, can adapt to business trips.



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Closing Date

    31st, December, 2015