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Zhongli High-tech Group Honored with “Landmarks Enterprise in Suzhou City”

Author: Time:2011-01-30 Hit:1005
  Zhongli High-tech Group Co., Ltd. rewarded as the “Landmarks Enterprise in Suzhou City”in the work conference of private economy Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and government concerned convened few days ago.
  It is reported that landmarks enterprises involve benchmarking ones with development representative in a region in superiority within the same industry domestic, or even abroad to eagerly look forward to progressing industry equipped with verbal rights, or even public credibility. It behaves in a social responsibility, virtue way in abidance with laws. It leads industry, advanced technology, development strategy, speed & quality pertaining to corporate management along in the nature of higher social recognition while industrial example.
  Zhongli High-tech Group Co., Ltd., unswervingly takes innovation-leading strategy & transformation upgrade accelerating as paramount, innovative development as impetus, works hard to constantly improve economic benefits, cultivate product development leading trends with continuous increase in corporate aftereffects in a dominant position in the same industry to show sound development status in leapfrog progress of private economy.