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“Photovoltaic cables” Honored with “High-tech Products in Jiangsu Province”

Author: Time:2011-12-30 Hit:743
  “Photovoltaic cables” Zhongli High-tech Group Co., Ltd., independently researched and developed honored with “The Third Batch of Key & New Products in Jiangsu Province of 2011”.
  “Photovoltaic cables” produced with environmentally-friendly materials with low smoke halogen-free inflaming retardant using high-energy ray radiation-related techniques taking on excellent features as high-temperature resistant, ozone resistant, UV light resistant, water vapor resistant, antimicrobial, stronger short-time overloading, longer-lived, abrasion resistant, grease-proof, anticorrosion, higher-pull resistant popular in solar power plant, photovoltaic cables etc.
  Presently, new energy spreads around the world. Solar energy technology, the most proactive one, will sure to be in good prosperity. Germany, other countries in Europe as well, started building solar power work sweepingly resulting from cables for solar energy in great need. Over 70% products in photovoltaic are exported.