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Zhongli High-tech Group Honored with “Landmarks Enterprise”

Author: Time:2012-02-29 Hit:748

  On February 23, in the working conference among private economy Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and government convened, Zhongli High-tech Group Co., Ltd. honored with “Landmarks Enterprise in Suzhou City” after twenty years’ build-ups and outstanding contributions in communications industry. WANG BO XING, the president, also honored with a title as “Excellent Private Entrepreneur”.
  Since reform and opening-up, the Eleventh Five-Year Plan in particular, Zhongli High-tech Group Co., Ltd., carefully implemented scientific development views adhering to scientific development strategy, and achieved sustainable high-effective development by reliance on science and technology, mechanism and management renovation.
  This, not only confirmed Zhongli’s contributions to the construction and development of private economy in Suzhou City, but also urged on its future prosperities. Zhongli High-tech Group Co., Ltd. certainly attaches much importance on improving industrial systems just as then, advancing innovative development, steadily expanding scales of enterprises, proactively exploiting overseas markets to make leapfrog progresses on private economy at the new start.