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Zhongli Talesun passed the anti-salt spray corrosion tested by the American UL

Author: Time:2013-04-25 Hit:898

    Recently, Zhongli Talesun has passed the anti-salt spray corrosion test by the American UL, just followed the TUV level 6 anti-salt spray certification. Until now, Zhongli Talesun became one of the few PV module suppliers that own these two certifications.

    For the test, Zhongli Talesun applied the Level 1 salt spray test, which needs four loop and last 28 days. After 2 hours of each cycle with a concentration of 5% NaCl solution spray assembly, and then placed in the environment of 93% relative humidity, 40 ° C for 7 days,the above cycle is repeated 4 times. Salt spray after the end of the cycle, and Zhongli Talesun product passed the safety test of wet leakage current, high voltage insulation and ground continuity, and power without attenuation。

    The fact had proved that Zhongli Talesun modules are trusted, high reliability products. Zhongli Talesun will continue to gain greater value for the clients and investors.