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Care about Staff ,warm the critical moment

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    April 20, a 7.0 earthquake dump Ya’an, brought huge losses to the local and surrounding people. Just after the earthquake, when we are concerned about the rescue,at the same time,Guangdong ZhongDe company is found to have a number of employees who is from Ya’an TianQuan town, although their houses collapsed, fortunately There is no casualties family in the earthquake.

    In order to stabilize the mood of employees, promote the cultural love spirit of the company, the company leaders talk individually with employees, to learn more about the employee’s home of the disaster situation, the first time the company’s care delivered to them. ZhongDe staff to express a sincerity about their friendship, but also to help them tide over the difficulties can be at ease with their families, the company sent them condolence payments, and Provide its one-month paid leave, round-trip ticket costs. The company will continue to focus on their follow-up to the situation and provide appropriate assistance.

    The face of this unexpected warmth, gratitude all relevant staff and said: Thanks for the company to give our care, they will be more hard work to return the company.