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Talesun “Fishing complementary “PV plant success and power generation

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    September 12, Talesun “Fishing complementary” PV plant success and power generation. The project is located in the town of Changshu shajiabang modern fishing industry park, with a total investment of nearly billion, with a total installed capacity of 9.8MW. The plant is expected to operate in the 25-year period, the average annual electricity consumption of 10.4 million Internet, total grid electricity to 260 million degrees. By 2010, China’s coal-fired power 1 kWh electricity coal consumption 335 g average calculation, 9.8MW project annual savings of about more than 3350 tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions each year around 8,700 tons, can reduce emissions of atmospheric pollutants with about 60 tons of sulfur oxides, about 20 tons of nitrogen oxides.

    The project is scientific and reasonable arrangement aquaculture facility structure, optimize the breeding room space utilization, increase the solar cell module construction can be grid-connected photovoltaic power plants; while taking advantage of solar energy, to achieve the greenhouse microclimate regulation, improve fishing facilities on the natural effective use of resources. The project is built on the ponds to keep the original nature of land use and farming materials to give a comfortable environment for the growth, the use of fish farming and ecological turtle Odontobutis other new varieties, the use of fish ponds bracket laying solar modules, in Fisherfolk increase revenue while also emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. “On energy generation and lower energy farming” fishing light complementary mode first of its kind in the southern region, which saves space resources added aquaculture output, both to improve the economic and social effects enhanced to achieve ecological farming and combination of energy saving

    This project is just a demonstration and microcosm of the construction of Talesum’s photovoltaic power station. Zhongli Talesum actively responds to the requirements of the national development of new energy science and technology, it has been developed large photovoltaic power station project in Jiangsu, Gansu, qinghai, Xinjiang and other places. It is striving to become the pioneer of the development and construction of domestic quality power plant, and it is striving to play a good demonstration effect for the social development of low carbon economy, which will contribute to domestic energy conservation and emissions reduction.