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Zhongli Science and Technology Group Chairman Wang Baixing is awarded “4th Jiangsu Province Outstanding Entrepreneur”

Author: Time:2013-10-31 Hit:764

    October 15 afternoon, the fourth Jiangsu Province outstanding entrepreneurs award conference is held in Jiangsu Provincial Party School, it recognized those entrepreneurs contributed to economic and social development in Jiangsu. Zhongli Chairman Wang Baixing was awarded ‘4th Jiangsu Province Outstanding Entrepreneur’. Mr. Wang get this honor again after last same award.

    In the meeting, the provincial “Three Will” President Wu Donghua says that these entrepreneurs all made great effort for province’s economic and social development, he also called on the province’s majority of entrepreneurs should seriously learn from their advanced experience and fighting spirit, as well as their enterprising and innovation, so as to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.