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Division and an invention patent (Colin)

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    Division of the company’s “3 g data communication cable” has been issued by the state intellectual property office of the certificate of “patent”.So far, the company accumulated has 7 invention patents, utility model patents 24 items.3 g data communication cable is the company’s focus on innovation research and development since 2012 a is applied to the third generation mobile communication technology, industry, numerical control equipment, industrial robots, security systems, telephone, television and other signal transmission cable, moreover, can also be used in the field of military communication engineering and other special applications.Its features for ultra low temperature resistant, anti-interference, low impedance, low attenuation, and poor can be delayed.The invention patent products also have good flexibility and resilience, the convenient installation laying performance.The product not only in the process of research and development in such aspects as the structure of the product technology innovation, also has a positive application of new materials and technology innovation is the company’s content is a patent product.

    Are the invention patent has been mass production, its significance in: conform to the direction of the company continues to develop, significantly increased the total sales of the company, optimize the structure of the original products of the company, added new vigor for the company, to enhance the company’s market competitiveness, embodies the innovative research and development ability of the company as a whole.