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    On September 24th, the groundbreaking ceremony of Ning Xia Zhongli Science and Technology cable project A of Zhongli Group, Zhongli Talesun 100MW PV power project were grandly held in Shi Zuishan Hui Nong Economic Development in Ning Xia province. The party secretary of Shi Zuishan--Peng Youdong, municipal committee member--Zhang Wei, party secretary of Hui Nong Economic Development—Wang Wanhu, Zhongli Science and Technology Group chairman—Wang Baixing, vice president—Zhan Zugeng, and president of Zhongli Group Ltd—Chen Bohan attended. The ceremony was hosted by the director of Shi Zuishan Economic Development Management Committee—Li Bin.

    On the ceremony, President Chen Bohan gave a speech. He mentioned that as the national high-tech enterprise and A-share listed company, Zhongli Science and Technology Group focused on wire cables, optical fiber cables, solar photovoltaic, polymer materials, automotive new materials and special electronic products. At the same time, Zhongli Group invested in real estate. All high-tech projects which distributed in Jiang Su Province, Guang Dong Province, Liao Ning Province, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan are developing rapidly and healthily. It has received success between government and corporate and has been highly praised by the local government. Besides, Zhongli Talesun Photovoltaic Science has become the leading runner in the chain of PV industry with annual 3GW’s PV battery capacity and 3GW’s PV modules. Up to now, the total domestic and foreign investment of PV power plants of Zhongli Talesun has reached 1.9GW, ranking 1st in domestic private companies together with good benefit.

    The PV plant mainly takes the advantage of the Hui Nong Lake, the slope before the Helan Mountain and the green and clean new energy which is newly constructed from a piece of mining wasteland. Based on the raw material advantage of rich alloy, magnesium and special resins in Ning Xia Province, Ning Xia Zhongli Science and Technology cable project A mainly produce PV cables, special fire retardant cables for construction and magnesium alloy new cables. The project has advanced equipment and technology and has turned eyes to the large demand of cables brought by the quick development of desert style PV power plants and equipment manufacturing in western regions. It commits to make new contributions to Shi Zuishan economic and new material environmental career.

    The party secretary of Hui Nong District—Wang Wanhu, gave a speech on behalf of the government and the party secretary of Shi Zuishan—Peng Youdong, announced the start of the project.