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Workforce is the value creator to our company and shareholders, and the key component as the core competitiveness. Our company attaches great importance to their growths in firm conviction of the mutual promotion between workforce and our company's growth.


Our company offers a favorable working platform and multiple avenues for vocational development: 
Management channel: new employee - director  C assistant manager-deputy manager-manager-assistant general manager and above;
Professional channel: new employee-junior-intermediary-senior
Marketing channel: sales representative-regional marketing manager-regional director-deputy marketing manager


Growth Opportunity 
Job transfer: Those with outstanding performance in his/her post can apply for the job transfer in the event of job vacancy only out of their own free wills while their strong points' suitable for other jobs;
Work Shift: Those with outstanding performance in his/her post can make shift between companies or departments as requested.
Competition for Job Posts: Workforce can take part in the competition in the event of any vacancies in parts of managerial posts.