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Zhongli SCI-TECH Won Suzhou City Mayor Quality Prize

Author: 中利科技 Time:2015-05-31 Hit:1761

Recently, Zhongli Science and Technology Group won the fourth session of “Suzhou City Mayor Quality Prize” which was issued by people’s government of Suzhou because of consistently pursuing of excellent management in quality control and development.

The “Suzhou City Mayor Quality Prize” was set up in 2011 to give honor to enterprises that were focused on quality. On the base of paying equal attention to enterprise management benefit and social benefit, the “Suzhou City Mayor Quality”prize references to the evaluation criteriaof “American National Quality“prize, “The Governor of Jiangsu Province Quality”prize and “The National Quality” prize to formulate specific assessment standards to giverecognitionsto those enterprises with remarkable managements.

Since 2004, Zhongli Science and Technology Group have imported the excellent performance mode in thecompany. The company summarized many effective practice and good experience. The company found problems in the management work and solved instantly that realized the transformation from simple product quality management to manage products, services, resources, management strategy, enterprise culture and stakeholders together. At the same time, the company organized “Outstanding Performance Evaluation Criteria” lessons to help employees understand the excellent performance mode and improve their working methods to strengthen the management with the purpose that promote the enterprise and employees to excellent. The “Suzhou City Mayor Quality”prize has the highest honor in the city, and it is great honor to all Zhongli people to achieve the prize. Zhongli will promote the excellent performance mode consistently to enhance the quality of management and process. Zhongli aims to become the sighting of the quality management in the city and bear responsibility to do favor to promote the quality strong city strategy and local economic as well as the social development.