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Deepening Industry Investment Cooperation and Steadily Promoting Restructuring

Author: Time:2024-06-26 Hit:70

On June 18th, relevant leaders of the Changshu Municipal People's Government, together with a delegation from Zhongli Group, visited Xiamen Jianfa Co., Ltd. again to have in-depth exchanges on the current restructuring and industrial cooperation development of Zhongli Group, in order to fully implement the good interaction mechanism between the two sides and further enhance the stickiness of cooperation between the two sides.

At present, with the strong support and assistance of the Changshu Municipal Party Committee and Government, Zhongli Group has steadily and orderly promoted the pre restructuring work, and made substantial progress in the reporting work. Relevant departments at the Jiangsu Province level have completed the review of the reporting documents and submitted them to the China Securities Regulatory Commission for review.
Zhongli Group will continue to fully cooperate with the progress of the restructuring work, with the aim of introducing restructuring investors through judicial procedures, thoroughly solving the relevant problems of the company, and returning to the track of sustainable and high-quality development.