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Wang Baixing ,President of ZhongLi Sci-Tech Group,honored the title of Outstanding Private Entrepreneur of Suzhou

Author: Time:2016-02-29 Hit:1296

On 29thFeb, the Private Economic Transformation and Upgrading Development Conference was held in Suzhou City‘s  Convention Center, Zhou Naixiang, the secretary of CPP’s Suzhou Branch, Qu Futian, the mayor and the vice secretary of CPP’s Suzhou branch attended the conference, Zhou Weiqiang, the Vice Secretary of CPP’s Suzhou branch and the vice mayor of Suzhou ,hosted the conference.

Several outstanding private enterprises and private entrepreneurs was commended inthe meeting Wang Baixing,president of ZhongLi Sci-Tech Group was honored the title of Outstanding Private Entrepreneur of Suzhou, while theof  ZhongLi Sci-Tech also won the title of outstanding private enterprise.

Zhou Naixiang fully praised the important contribution to the city's private economy development at the meeting. Zhou Naixiang pointed out that private enterprises in Suzhou is a dynamic, full of aggressive force, private enterprises can show the flexible operational mechanism in complex situation, which is  a keen key for the market. Zhou Naixiang required that private enterprises should adapt to the new economic developing situation and make new contributions to the development of the city.

Qu Futianpointed out at the meeting that the direction of development of private enterprises should beimproving the quality and efficiency, adhering to the principle of restructuring development, innovation, brand development, green development, and integrity. He also called on all localities and departments to improve service levels, to create a favorable policy environment and fair market environment, and by increasing all kinds of policy support to enhance the capacity of factors of production, optimize the effect to the environment, with the whole society’s attention, care and support for innovation and development of private enterprises, to inspire and guide the broad masses of people to the road of their own businesses, to speed up the process of common prosperity.

According to another report, the Advanced Individual and Enterprise Awards ceremony was held on 18th Feb on  Shajiabang town, Wang Boxing was honored the title of  Outstanding Entrepreneur in Shajiabang town, while theof  ZhongLi Sci-Tech Group was honored the title Enterprise with Tax over One Hundred Million.