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ZhongYi was awarded the title of top ten quality supplier in 2015 by guangzhou FODAY AUTO

Author: Time:2016-03-31 Hit:2092

Recently,ZhongYi, with its good product quality performance, excellent project management skills and services, was awdarded the title of " top ten quality supplier in 2015" by Guangzhou FODAY AUTO

FODAY AUTO praised that ZhongYi has made outstanding achievements in 2015 in the Q (quality competitive) C (cost competitiveness) D (research and development ability) D (delivery guarantee ability) S (service) comprehensive evaluation, and made good performance in the cooperation such as system integration, after-sale protection, procurement of the categories, so they would like to awardedZhongYi " the title of top ten quality supplier in 2015".

The title of "Excellent supplier" represents the highly recognition of customer about ZhuangYis QCDS, expresses the customersthank and recognition to the ZhongYi's hard work in 2015. In the following days, ZhongYi will continue to enhance service awareness, improve the level of management, perfect service system, provide better QCDS with full sincerity, create value for customers, to become strategic partner which is fully trusted by customers.