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ZhongLi Liaoning started the sales mode of electronic commerce

Author: Time:2016-03-31 Hit:1507

During the Wuzhen Internet meeting this year, president Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the opening ceremony: speed up the global network construction, promote the connectivity; build online culture communication and sharing platform; promote the development of network economy innovation; guarantee the network security, promote the orderly development; build Internet governance system, promote fairness and justice." This shows the importance of the Internet in today's society development.

Today, electronic commerce has become the mainstream of society. Due to the rapid development of mobile Internet and electronic commerce, traditional enterprises gradually put effort into the Internet market which attracts the attention of the traditional enterprise. Adhering to ZhongLi Liaonings spirit of "better meet the needs of customers, serve the customer's thought", a few days ago, the company started the sales mode of electronic commerce on the 1688 procurement platform which combined the B2B and B2C sales model, achieved the whole network coverage, also has perfected the existing offline sales model, truly realized the combination of online and offline.

Development of electronic commerce will not only provide customers with 24-hours service, improve service quality, but also open up new sales channel, reduce the company's operating costs, make a significant sense on marketing and branding, help to achieve the company's business goals.