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Safe production standardization promoting work has achieved success step by step

Author: Time:2016-07-31 Hit:13616
 Recently, in order to promote the original safety standard from three level up to the secondary level, Changfei Zhongli carried out a series of work to promote the improvement of safety production standardization, the company’s original file system and management methods have greatly improved and supplemented. At present, the company has more than 50 production safety management system rules, which is a powerful file management basis for the next stage for production safety standards of secondary assessment.

In order to make all the staff of the company have safety awareness and conscious of safe production system in every detail of work, management team hired experts to carry out the investigation and improve scheme, training and education, to make employees have significantly improvement in sense of security, a quarter staff work-related injuries occur rate is zero, fully demonstrated that the performance of the work of production safety helps.

In terms of hardware, the company improved old workshop and transformed obsolete equipment in the tight Luo clouds arrangement improvement, at present, the transformation has been completed on the whole workshop, the reinforcement on the floor of the workshop, maintenance of the drainage system, the equipment transformation and enhance capacity and so on, basically completed the upgrade of the original hardware.

YOFC ZhongLi company is stepping up the pace for the safety production standardization level two assessment work to do the final work.

It is reported that ZhongLi is also doing the safety production standardization work.