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Talesun’s double glass component won the national “pace setter” certification

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Recently,Talesun’s double glass component won the national “pace setter”  certification issued by China quality certification center(CQC). This indicates double glass component completely confirm to the quality requirement of photovoltaic “ pace setter”, and achieved authoritative certification from national third-party certification body.

Photovoltaic “pace setter” plan was a special support program launched by National Energy Administration, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and CNCA in 2015 to promote the application of advanced photovoltaic technology and industrial upgrading. Through the construction of advanced technology demonstration base of photovoltaic power generation Methods such as implementing new technology application demonstration projects, designed to lead our country advanced photovoltaic technology application and industrial upgrading, create a new pattern of sustainable healthy development of photovoltaic industry in our country. As requirements, the level of efficiency levels of polycrystalline double glass components and single crystal double glass component of photoelectric conversion efficiency, more than 18.3% and 18.3% respectively

The ground USES crystalline silicon performance evaluation of the double glass component technical specifications was formally launched by CQC to provide evaluation standard of double glass component’s technical index. This standard lists double glass component alone, and stipulates appearance of the double glass component efficiency evaluation principle and performance certification. At the same time, The specification of double glass component test standard also made certain adjustment, increase the corresponding strict test and application environment, such as strong winds and heavy snow environment complement and strict dynamic load test (DML) high irradiation region added strong ultraviolet (UV) experiment water pv systems complement tightened the PID test, etc.

        This is another year after the four ordinary PV modules get 'leader' certification, and a certified product, which once again proved Teng Hui technology PV modules of high quality and high reliability. Talesun technology polycrystalline double glass components of the average photoelectric conversion rate of up to 18.7%, power more than 270 watts. Through the rigorous "leader" a number of environmental testing shows that the product can be fully applied to hot and humid, dry heat, high radiation, wind and heavy snow areas, as well as the fishery power station and other special environmental requirements.”